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Welcome to our global community of practitioners and researchers in the broad field of ‘participatory mapping.’ The ISPM exists to encourage and support the development, experimentation, evaluation, and use of participatory mapping methods around the world.

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About Participatory Mapping

‘Participatory mapping’ is an inclusive umbrella term for numerous methods of engaging groups of people in a dialogue using maps as the primary medium. 

Participatory mapping often specifically seeks to engage and empower marginalized or under-represented people in planning processes or research through the use of spatial technologies. 

Participatory map making can be applied to a wide range of topics such as delineating boundaries, documenting resources or significant locations, recording environmental information, envisioning the future of a neighborhood, or communicating preferences and ideas about a landscape. 

Other terms that describe participatory mapping include: participatory geospatial information systems (PGIS or PPGIS), cartografía participativa, collaborative mapping, community mapping, counter-mapping, cybercartography, neogeography, Participatory 3-Dimensional Modelling (P3DM) and more.

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ISPM is an association of like-minded scholars, practitioners, and activists who are invested in the integrity and accuracy of participatory mapping and data collection. We are committed to the equitable distribution of knowledge between the global socio-economic divides.

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