The International Society of Participatory Mapping

The International Society of Participatory Mapping

Let the People Map!

About Participatory Mapping

Participatory mapping (PM) refers to the multiple ways humans create and communicate knowledge, experience, and aspirations about the world in maps. A consistent aspiration of PM has been to engage and empower marginalized or under-represented groups in society through the use of spatial technologies. 

Participatory maps—whether simple or complex—are created for a wide range of human/environment applications such as delineating territorial boundaries, identifying important places that sustain livelihoods and quality of life, mapping biological diversity and ecosystem services, and communicating preferences about future land/marine use. 

Over the last two decades, the growth and interest in PM has evolved and progressed from diverse application domains (indigenous/rural/community development, urban/regional planning, and environmental/natural resource management/conservation) in recognition of the potential for PM to address complex issues and problems. Applications for participatory mapping methods range from indigenous rights, to smart cities, climate adaptation and biodiversity conservation.

Why You Should Join

The International Society of Participatory Mapping (ISPM) is an association of like-minded scholars, practitioners, and activists who are invested in the integrity and accuracy of participatory mapping and data collection, as well as, the equitable distribution of knowledge between the global socio-economic divides. To ensure that geospatial data, tools, and knowledge remain free and open to those in the Global South, ISPM members commit their membership dues to helping foster intercultural and educational events and travel grants for those normally unable to participate in international events, conferences, and exchanges.

ISPM remains committed to making geospatial data and information on participatory planning open and free to all. As a result, non-members will always have access to our website content, maps, forums, conferences, and publications. Members benefit from:

  • Connection with an ideologically driven community that is invested in the equitable exchange of information, knowledge, and data between the Global North and South;
  • Access to the Executive Board and Special Advisory Committee, comprising of the top scholars and practitioners in the field of GIS and Participatory Mapping;
  • Discounted fees for all ISPM and affiliated conferences, workshops, and teach-ins;
  • Monthly updates that include job postings, meetups, first-call for journal proposal abstracts, and special access to software.

Executive Committee

Rudo Kemper
ISPM President
Rudo is a geographer with the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) who works with indigenous and other traditional communities in South America on participatory mapping and storytelling projects. 

Albertus "Monti" Hadi Pramono 
ISPM Vice President
Monti is a is a geographer with a PhD from the Department of Geography, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu (USA). 

Charla M. Burnett
ISPM Secretary
Charla is an activist and scholar of participatory mapping. She is the founder of OrganizingTogether Consultancy Group, a cooperative development consultancy.

Alison "Aly" DeGraff Ollivierre
Aly has been researching and facilitating participatory mapping projects since 2010, most notably recording local knowledge on important historical, cultural, and ecological heritage sites and development of collaborative marine zoning.

Hannah Torres
Hannah is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Central Florida in the Department of Sociology, where she is working on an NSF-funded project mapping sense of place to inform environmental restoration.

Efraim D. Roxas
Efraim is a faculty of the College of Human Ecology at the University of the Philippines Los Baños where he teaches human settlements planning.

Angela Rout
Angela's research touches on the human experience of SmartCities, Spatial Data Analytics, Public Engagement and Participatory Mapping.

Marena Brinkhurst
Technology Director
Marena supports positive impact partnerships at Mapbox and has a background in participatory land-use planning. 


Visit our website for full profiles of the ISPM executive committee, special advisors, and editorial board.

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